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供え Macochico Pinch Pleated White Medical 超安い Curtains

Macochico Pinch Pleated Medical Curtains,White Medical Curtains,


Macochico Pinch Pleated Medical Curtains,White Medical Curtains,

Product Description


Professional Medical Privacy curtains——Macochico

Macochico compartment curtains can also beused for privacy curtains in public spaces, such as laboratories and spas, oras room dividers. In addition to the listed dimensions, the width and heightcan be customized to a variety of different sizes. All curtains are edging onboth sides and at the bottom to make them more professional.


1.Due to manual measuring, please allow less than 1 inch tolerance.(Size:W-means width, H/L-means HIGH.).

​2.Due to different monitors and lighting,the color of the actual may be slightly different with the above images. Please refer to the actual product received,Thanks for your understanding.

Macochico Pinch Pleated Medical Curtains,White Medical Curtains,

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