Brass,/aberrator212953.html,Classic,Cremation,Tone,Urn,,Adult,Cremati,48円,Aestheticurns,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,2,- Brass,/aberrator212953.html,Classic,Cremation,Tone,Urn,,Adult,Cremati,48円,Aestheticurns,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,2,- 48円 Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremation Urn - Adult Cremati Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremati Cremation - Adult 上品 Urn Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremati Cremation - Adult 上品 Urn 48円 Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremation Urn - Adult Cremati Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Aestheticurns Classic 2 出群 Tone Brass Cremati Cremation - Adult 上品 Urn

Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremation Urn - Adult Cremati


Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremation Urn - Adult Cremati

Product description


Aestheticurns Classic 2 tone is elegant and affordable CREMATION URN . The urn is made from solid Brass and the perfect lacquer coat to preserve its brilliance. It comes with a top opening, a threaded lid, and felt bottom. The Classic 2 tone finish is handcrafted on each urn to show beautiful detail, giving the FUNERAL URN a unique look to each finished product. Our urns are handcrafted uniquely by an ancient process called sand casting. This ADULT URN holds up to 200 cubic inch of cremains and approximate measure is that 1-pound weight prior to cremation equals 1 cubic inch after cremation . Dimensions: 10-inch-high x 6-inch diameter. All of our urns are in our warehouse and ready to ship as soon as payment is cleared. Usually we ship within one business day of receipt of payment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

♦SATISFACTION→ We carry elegant and high quality products and we trust that you will be very happy with the quality and creative design of our products


♦EASY RETURN→ If you do not like the product after arrival please contact us by contact form and report the issue within 3 days after product arrival and we will refund your money after product is shipped back to us. But, once product is used we will not accept return due to the personal nature of this product

Aestheticurns Classic 2 Tone Brass Cremation Urn - Adult Cremati

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