Mud Pie Women's キャンペーンもお見逃しなく Long Sleeve Ruffle 16円 Mud Pie Women's Ruffle Long Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pie,,Sleeve,Women's,/actorship83576.html,Mud,Long,Ruffle,16円 Mud Pie Women's キャンペーンもお見逃しなく Long Sleeve Ruffle 16円 Mud Pie Women's Ruffle Long Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pie,,Sleeve,Women's,/actorship83576.html,Mud,Long,Ruffle,16円

Mud Pie 毎日がバーゲンセール Women's キャンペーンもお見逃しなく Long Sleeve Ruffle

Mud Pie Women's Ruffle Long Sleeve


Mud Pie Women's Ruffle Long Sleeve

Product description

Acrylic nylon yarn sweater features embellished bell sleeves with ribbed ruffle detail, neckline and hem. Measures approximately 23" from shoulder to hem on size small.

O suéter de fio de nylon acrílico apresenta mangas de sino enfeitadas com detalhes de babados canelados, decote e bainha. Mede aproximadamente 58 cm do ombro até a bainha no tamanho pequeno.

아크릴 나일론 실 스웨터는 골지 러플 디테일, 네크라인 및 밑단으로 장식된 벨 슬리브를 특징으로 합니다. 스몰 사이즈로 어깨에서 밑단까지 약 58.4cm (23인치).

Mud Pie Women's Ruffle Long Sleeve

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