Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB 開催中 Round Countertop Up Out Pop Electrical 172円 Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB Round Countertop Pop Up Electrical Out Tools Home Improvement Electrical 172円 Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB Round Countertop Pop Up Electrical Out Tools Home Improvement Electrical Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB 開催中 Round Countertop Up Out Pop Electrical 172円,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Countertop,Round,skgy.in,Electrical,Pop,Out,Lew,/anguineal213087.html,PUR20-BK-USB,Up,Electric 172円,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Countertop,Round,skgy.in,Electrical,Pop,Out,Lew,/anguineal213087.html,PUR20-BK-USB,Up,Electric

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Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB Round Countertop Pop Up Electrical Out


Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB Round Countertop Pop Up Electrical Out

Product description

Color:Black w/ Chrome

The Lew Electric PUR20-S is a round countertop two 20A power pop up with GFI and a stainless steel top. The pop up is IP54 spill proof rated making it an ideal choice in kitchens, bars, restaurants, airports, or anywhere you need power in wet or potentially wet areas. The PUR20-S mounts in your countertop and features a stainless steel top, when pressed the unit pops up and exposes your 2 power outlets that are also tamper resistant.The spill proof top is IP54 spill proof rated, there is also a gasket under the bezel to keep liquid from entering. The Lew Electric PUR20-S is a perfect solution when you need hidden power in wet locations or need protection against spills.

Lew Electric PUR20-BK-USB Round Countertop Pop Up Electrical Out

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