/ashine213034.html,skgy.in,Hiking,Boots,FASHION,unisex-child,Treking,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Kids,22円,Shoes,JMFCHI /ashine213034.html,skgy.in,Hiking,Boots,FASHION,unisex-child,Treking,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,Kids,22円,Shoes,JMFCHI 22円 JMFCHI FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Boots Hiking Shoes Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys 22円 JMFCHI FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Boots Hiking Shoes Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys JMFCHI 格安 FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Hiking Boots Shoes JMFCHI 格安 FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Hiking Boots Shoes

JMFCHI 格安 FASHION unisex-child Kids 安全 Treking Hiking Boots Shoes

JMFCHI FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Boots Hiking Shoes


JMFCHI FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Boots Hiking Shoes

Product description

kids hiking boots:High-grip sole with deep groove pattern and insoles with shock absorbers protect children's feet.

boys Trekking shoes:Non-slip steel claw adjustable,Make your child walk more safely in outdoor,hard to fall and safe.

Kids camping shoes for boys and girls:Adjustable buckle design make the shoes easy to put on and take off!

Outdoor training shoes:High-cut collar wraps your foot to seffectively support and protect the ankle during exercise.

kids Sport shoes:Designed for both boys and girls A new pattern outsole is used to enhance grip,and it has excellent anti-slip properties.

Kids size chart

EU 25=6.6IN(inner length)=US 8.5

EU 26=6.8IN(inner length)=US 9

EU 27=7.1IN(inner length)=US 10

EU 28=7.3IN(inner length)=US 11

EU 29=7.5IN(inner length)=US 11.5

US 12.5=EU 30=7.8 IN(inner length)

US 13=EU 31=8.1 IN(inner length)

US 1=EU 32=8.3 IN(inner length)

US 1.5=EU 33=8.6 IN(inner length)

US 2.5=EU 34= 8.9 IN(inner length)

US 3=EU 35=9.1 IN(inner length)

US 4=EU 36= 9.4 IN(inner length)

US 5=EU 37= 9.7 IN(inner length)

US 6=EU 38=9.9 IN(inner length)

US 6.5=EU 39=10.2 IN(inner length)

US 7=EU 40=10.5 IN(inner length)

US 8=EU 41=10.8 IN(inner length)

JMFCHI FASHION unisex-child Kids Treking Boots Hiking Shoes

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