Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Bedroom for 供え Small Panel Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Bedroom for 供え Small Panel 47円 Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Panel for Bedroom, Small Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Panel,Small,47円,Self-Adhesive,/askos339297.html,Window,Bedroom,,,for,Macochico,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Curtains 47円 Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Panel for Bedroom, Small Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Panel,Small,47円,Self-Adhesive,/askos339297.html,Window,Bedroom,,,for,Macochico,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Curtains

Macochico Self-Adhesive Window 未使用 Curtains Bedroom for 供え Small Panel

Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Panel for Bedroom, Small


Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Panel for Bedroom, Small

Product Description


Self Sticky Curtains Collection ——Macochico

  • Fabric Weight: 240 gsm heavyweight
  • Colorways: 13 colors to select.
  • Sold as 2 panels.


1 Do I need to buy some tapes if buy this curtains?

No. Give 2 free curtain ropes and 1 self-adhesive sticker as bonus. It comes with everything you need. Curtains can hang without rod and it's substantially saving your budget.

2 What if the strap is not sticky, can I ask for some more?

We will be responsible for any problems of our curtains. You can tell us and we are willing to offer you a satisfied solution.

3 Is it heavy weight darkening?

Blocks out 85%-90% but heavy enough to block the light and the heat amp; cold.(Darker color works better in blocking light)

Macochico Self-Adhesive Window Curtains Panel for Bedroom, Small

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