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Amoena 完全送料無料 Women's 大注目 Giselle

Amoena Women's Giselle


Amoena Women's Giselle

Product description

Wearing our Giselle padded wire free bra, you can almost picture yourself enjoying the glamorous atmosphere of the Carnival of Venice. Inspired by the festival, this padded soft bra's extraordinary design consists of delicate embroidery, so fine that it looks hand sketched, at the bottom of the bra cups. Accented with shiny satin on the bra straps, a decorative bow and a thin ribbon around the band, this Giselle padded wire free bra looks truly luxurious. Exquisite lace adds to the bra's charm at the center front and frame, with a light mesh in the back; inside, you'll feel our ultra-soft microfiber pockets, which can keep a breast shaper or breast form discreetly in place. Silver rings and our spa back closure finish the seductive Giselle aesthetic.

Amoena Women's Giselle

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