,/disguisedly83332.html,Marryat,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,336円,Fly,Tactical,Rod 336円 Marryat Tactical Fly Rod Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness,/disguisedly83332.html,Marryat,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,336円,Fly,Tactical,Rod Marryat Tactical 最安値 Fly Rod 336円 Marryat Tactical Fly Rod Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Marryat Tactical 最安値 Fly Rod

Marryat 期間限定の激安セール Tactical 最安値 Fly Rod

Marryat Tactical Fly Rod


Marryat Tactical Fly Rod

Product description

Marryat TACTICAL series rods are the fusion of years of technical research by the Institute of Technology Lausanne, fishing know-how from world champions Pascal Cognard and Jérôme Brosutti and the touch- master rod builder Alain Ourtilani using innovative REC components. First and foremost, these are fishing rods! They are really good at casting a long line with tight loops. However, there is more to fishing than just distance. From the moment you get a TACTICAL rod in your hand you can tell that is different – it is very light and the tip-action responsive, so you can cast it all day. Its modern action makes it powerful, fast and accurate yet it is sensitive and responsive enough to fish dry fly and nymph on fine tippet at close quarters. When you hook a fish you will immediately realize why these rods are different – sensitivity. Unlike other good casting rods, Marryat TACTICAL rods are designed to play a trophy fish on fine tackle without stressing the tippet. The TACTICAL Series offers a rod for almost every situation; Light tackle aficionados can choose stream rods from 7 foot and 8 foot 4-weight and the now classic 5- and 6-weights. These rods are delicate enough for close work on the brooks and streams yet are powerful enough to haul a lunker from deep water. Reviewed as probably the best value premium rods available, the 4-weights are true to their line rating. Especially important when it comes to the 10 footers available in 3-, 4- and 5-weight versions which excel when it comes to Czech- and French-style nymph techniques, where a fast and light tip-section are essential for detecting a take on a short line. Classic Tactical 9ft 5 and 6-weight rods easily out-perform competitors with finesse and reserves of power that are needed to present bigger flies. The 9ft 8-weight brings the sheer power needed to stop saltwater predators and migratory trout in tracks with anodized reel seat for endurance.

Marryat Tactical Fly Rod

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