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COLORFULLEAF Long Sleeve 公式 Pajama Set for Women Knit Down P Button 着後レビューで 送料無料

COLORFULLEAF Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit P


COLORFULLEAF Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit P

Product Description

Pajamas Sets Long Sleeve Sleepwear

Best Long Sleeve Button Down Women’s Pajama Set

  • Comfort is the basics of pajamas set, COLORFULLEAF selects the high-quality fabric to ensure this women's sleepwear pajama set remains in beautiful condition even after multiple washes. No faded, No lint, Easy wash.
  • Our lightweight pajamas offer cozy softness, and have just enough stretch to follow your movements without being restricting. Great fit and good fabric!

Women's Long Sleeve Pajama Set Button Down Nightwear

women pajamas sets
women pajamas sets Long Sleeve Sleepwear Nightwear

  • Wonens long sleepwear set made from 95% rayon and 5% spandex.
  • A super soft fabric that feels lightweight and drapey on your skin.
  • It has great elasticity to fit all body type.
  • You can choose from various styles, including long sleeve or short sleeve.
  • Please check out at our COLORFULLEAF Pajamas Set sections.

Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down PJS Top amp; Lounge Pants

women pajamas sets

Pajama Top:

Notched collar trim

Chest pocket

Full-button, button-Down design

Pajama Pants:

Elastic adjustable waistband

Two side pockets

Featuring lightweight, soft and super stretchy rayon fabric

women pajamas sets Long Sleeve Sleepwear Nightwear

Rayon Spandex Fabric Details:

  • First of all, what is rayon spandex?
  • It’s a blend of rayon and spandex!
  • Usually 95% rayon and 5% spandex.
  • It is very lightweight, and usually wrinkle resisted and has beautiful drape.
COLORFULLEAF Pajamas Sets Long Sleeve Sleepwear Womens Button Down Nightwear Soft Pjs Sets
Women's Pajama Set Button Down Short Sleeve PJS Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit PJS Women's Pajama Set Button Down Short Sleeve PJS Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit PJS Women's Pajama Set Button Down Short Sleeve PJS Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit PJS
Colors: Navy Blue Star Navy Blue Star Purple Purple Blue White Dots Blue White Dots
Fabric: 95% Rayon 95% Rayon 95% Rayon 95% Rayon 95% Rayon 95% Rayon

COLORFULLEAF Long Sleeve Pajama Set for Women Button Down Knit P


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Back Ribs Braised with Orange and Rosemary

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