AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled Neckl Name Washer 超定番 Monogram skgy.in,Beveled,,Neckl,35円,Personalized,/microgranitic595388.html,Monogram,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Collection,Washer,AJ's,Name 35円 AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled, Monogram Washer Name Neckl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women skgy.in,Beveled,,Neckl,35円,Personalized,/microgranitic595388.html,Monogram,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Collection,Washer,AJ's,Name 35円 AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled, Monogram Washer Name Neckl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled Neckl Name Washer 超定番 Monogram

AJ's 卸売り Collection Personalized Beveled Neckl Name Washer 超定番 Monogram

AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled, Monogram Washer Name Neckl


AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled, Monogram Washer Name Neckl

Product description

AJ's Collection Tiny Monowash Necklace is an elegant accessory to hold those dear to you with all at all times. A spectacular gift idea for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and friends, it features a 1.25 inch round sterling silver pendant with a single initial monogram in the center. The names/characters are located around the edge of the pendant. The monogram is in a 1" inch center diameter, and is the perfect spot to add the three initials of your cohice. The chain length varies from 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, or 24” and you can pick a sterling silver cable, box, or ball chain. The pendant is hand polished to perfection for a shiny look that'll dazzle.

Features: 1.25 inch round sterling silver pendant with 3 initial monogram (1 inch diameter) Edge of pendant allows up to 26 characters Choice of 16”, 18”, 20”, 22"or 24” sterling silver cable, box, or ball chain

Ready to gift: Comes inside an environmentally responsible recycled gift box, with a organza bag and hand-tied bow. It is ready to gift as-is, or if you would like a more fancier look, we offer a premium gift box (click "Add Gift Options" during checkout)

Who is this for: This necklace will make the perfect gift for a wife, a girlfriend, a grandmother, a new mom, best friend, or a significant other, and will make a sweet and memorable gift for many different occasions, such as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Christmas gift, or even just an everyday gift. Also makes a great gift for best friends, and even makes a perfect gift for yourself.

AJ's Collection Personalized Beveled, Monogram Washer Name Neckl

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