Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Flight 送料無料限定セール中 Pilot Zipper Aviat Short 23円 Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Short Zipper Flight Pilot Aviat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 23円 Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Short Zipper Flight Pilot Aviat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Flight 送料無料限定セール中 Pilot Zipper Aviat Short Collar,23円,Flight,Short,Stand,Casual,/preindulgence83507.html,Yeokou,Aviat,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men's,,Pilot,Zipper Collar,23円,Flight,Short,Stand,Casual,/preindulgence83507.html,Yeokou,Aviat,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men's,,Pilot,Zipper

Yeokou Men's Casual Stand 舗 Collar Flight 送料無料限定セール中 Pilot Zipper Aviat Short

Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Short Zipper Flight Pilot Aviat


Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Short Zipper Flight Pilot Aviat

Product Description

This Classic flight nasa jacket is popular for years, you worth it. There are 2 styles and 5 sizes for you to choose.

Size chart:

XS-------Bust:43.31" Shoulder:18.31" Length:26.18" Sleeve:25.20"

S-------Bust:44.88" Shoulder:18.82" Length:26.77" Sleeve:25.39"

M-------Bust:46.46" Shoulder:19.53" Length:27.56" Sleeve:25.98"

L-------Bust:48.03" Shoulder:20.16" Length:28.35" Sleeve:26.57"

XL-----Bust:49.61" Shoulder:20.94" Length:29.13" Sleeve:27.17"

XXL----Bust:51.97" Shoulder:22.01" Length:30.31" Sleeve:27.95"


All items are US size, due to manual measurement, it allows 0.3-0.8(inch) discrepancy.

As different computers display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images,thanks for your understanding.


Fabric:100% Polyester ( soft, comfortable and warm, Machine wash )

Occasion: suitable Home, School, Work, Vocation, Travel, Party, Dinner, Dating, etc. (any occasion is perfect in Spring, Autumnl and Winter) Also, the flight jacket is a good gift for your father, boyfriend and friends.


1.Fashion stand collar design jacket, help you stay away from the cold.

2.Full zip up closure with pockets offer great storing and necessities secure for many items like phone,changes, cards or keys.

3.Exquisite ribbed collar cuff and hem binding design make this jacket more fashion and classic.

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With hood

Yeokou Men's Casual Stand Collar Short Zipper Flight Pilot Aviat


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