Risk & Financial advisory

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Risk at a glance

Business thrives on the ability to take risks, but can falter when risks are managed ineffectively. Risk would mean not being able only to maximize the opportunities or gauge the danger of loss due to unforeseen events. whatever is size of business or nature of business you have, your organization needs is an effective approach to manage risks.

Turn your business risk in reward with us!!



  • Process review and improvement
  • Risk based internal audit
  • Stock audit
  • Cost audit
  • Setting up KPI and MIS
  • Assistance in setting production budget
  • Setting up SOP & RCM
  • Third party performance evolution
  • Operational strategy preparation


  • Assets level review
  • Post closing compliance testing
  • Assistance in financial forecasting
  • Capital management
  • Project financial feasibility analysis
  • Cash and fund flow analysis
  • Assistance in financial strategy
  • Budgeting

Startup advisory

  • Setting up the market strategy
  • Preparation of project report
  • Process benchmarking
  • Portfolio management
  • Growth management
  • Operations setup



Strategies & Reputation

  • Assist management to set governance structure
  • Identification of strategic risk areas
  • Assistance in setting up strategy for competitive advantage and long term performance
  • Assist in handling branding and reputation risk
  • Crisis Management
  • Assist management to develop sustainability in finance and other core areas
  • Assessment of impact of regulatory issues over business performance
  • Assist management to respond regulatory issues

What we have

Today’s corporate reality is riddled with challenges. Whether those challenges relate to governance, people, process or technology, we have a methodology to addresses all of them efficiently. Our Risk Intelligence Program Methodology to assess, develop, implement and monitor, provides just the right toolset to manage any organization. We have the depth of experience to know the steps that would ensure top-line and bottom-line stability and growth.

Our ERS team helps organizations build value by taking a risk intelligent approach to manage financial and business risks.

Do you know risk to your "Brand" ??

Brand risk can be defined as threats to the brand equity or threats to the brand differentiators that make consumers choose one product or service over the other.

Brands are subject to numerous risks like reputation risk, competitors offerings etc. Here we will discuss about reputation risk.